Slip and Fall

If you are recovering from a recent slip and fall accident and can prove someone else is at fault, you might qualify to take your case to court. In these instances, it is helpful to hire a reliable and knowledgeable slip and fall attorney who can help you win your compensation claim. At Sweet Justice, lead attorney Rafael Sweet has been practicing law for over ten years and can help you recover financially from your accident. It is better to contact an attorney as soon as you realize you may not be at fault.

Why Hire Representation for Your Case?

California state law is clear. To win a slip and fall case, you must be able to prove another party is at fault. For instance, if a customer at a grocery store slips and falls, breaking a bone, they must be able to prove the grocery store owners or managers were at fault. Fortunately, Sweet Justice can help you determine the true cause of your accident, and help you build a case for your financial compensation.

Hire Sweet Justice and Win Your Case!

Sweet Justice attorney, Rafael Sweet, has over ten years of experience representing clients. Her Los Angeles-based firm has a solid reputation for finding and getting the best results for each case. Slip and fall accidents can be painful and, in many cases, disabling. You deserve compensation. An attorney can help you recover from your accident financially. Do not give up on the compensation to which you might be entitled. Instead, Call Sweet Justice today and discover whether there is a chance of you taking your case to court today!

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