Product Liability

When a vendor or a manufacturer develops a product, they are legally responsible for making sure that the product is safe for its userbase. This is known as product liability, and those who design defective products could face legal action for negligence or harm caused. If the manufacturer or the seller is proven to be negligent or harmful in their product development, then the consumer will be financially compensated for any damages incurred.

How Product Liability Works in California

Product liability laws change by the states they’re based in. In California, the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant designed, manufactured, distributed, or sold a defective product. This could be anything from a poorly designed auto part to contaminated food products. The plaintiff will need to provide proof of harm that resulted from using the defective product – this is usually in the form of medical bills or a loss of work income. During a court case, the judge will investigate the claims and search for actions of negligence, recklessness, or the intent to cause harm on the part of the defendant. Under California law, manufacturers must label their products with adequate warnings; personal injuries resulting from a lack of warning could also lead to a lawsuit. On the defendant’s end, their legal team will investigate whether the plaintiff acted negligently in using the product, whether the plaintiff’s personal injuries were real, or whether the product is actually defective.

Why You Need an Attorney for Product Liability

If you’re a customer who has suffered harm from a defective product, then you can take legal action against the manufacturer or seller. This can be a confusing process, which is why we recommend hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case. You can receive legal compensation for any medical bills, personal injuries, or losses of income you experience from using a product. Contact us today to hear more about our product liability services.

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